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pririb stores (Mechanical/Electrical/Structural/Civil/Loco Carnage
i TrTmk etc.)    Qualifications relaxable at Commi&Bion's discretion
'        ™J*e of candidates otherwise well qualified.

„    Qne Agricultural Engineer, Indian   Inititutc   of  Sugnrrciflr

'h  Tjuaknaw.    Ministry of Food and Agnculture.—Post tern-

r,- hut likely to   b& made permanent.        Pay . Es.   600—

PotfiJ00_l,000—1,030—1,050—1,100—1,100—1,150 Higher initial

i      *      toanepiaUy qualified and experionced candidates.    Age • Below

?^ vea*s-    Belaxable  far   Government   servants.    Qualification?
1       v     tial' (*) Degree in Agricultural Engineenng  of   leeog-m-ed
TT • ersitv  or Degree in Mechanical Engineering   with specialised
tWledse of Agricultural Engineering,    (it) About 3 years1 ex-
'ence inthe production of improved   agricultural tools and farm
PeT\ aery.    Qualifications  relaxable  at  Commission's   discretion
™acase of candidates otherwise well qualified.

i            4    Two Under Secretaries to the Government   of Ind>a, Mhn^liy

Taw Posts temporary but likely to continue. Onp post re-
"•' -ad for Scheduled Tribes candidates and the other for Scheduled
n *»« r-nndidates if such suitable candidates available ; otherwise
S treated as unreserved. Pay : Bs. 800—50—1,150. Higher
•°,t?al pay to specially qualified and experienced candidates. Age
^ Srablv between 35 and 43 years. Qualifications : Essential;
ff, \ officer of State Judicial Service of about 7 year?1 standing, or
M meet of the Central Secretariat Service, Grade I or Grade IT
Tanent) holding Law degree and possessing about 3 years' ex-
ice of dealing wifch legal cases, or (&} attorney of the High Court
bav or Calcutta with practical experemce in Solicitor's firm
fov about 5 years, or (d) advocate of High Court with about

qualificatiom m public health. (n?y About 2 year*-' experience of
public health organisation. Qualifications rulrixabl/-- at Commn-aion's
m ca-ie of candidates ofchenriia ivpll qualiflfd.

eara' practice.    (M) Special   knowledge of the   law of, and ade-
iiate experience m practice of conveyancing.      Qualifications re-
I      laxable at Commission's discretion in case of candidates  otherwise
««4l qualified.

•    R&search Assistant, Ministry of Finance (Food and  Agricul-
dm   -  - -    -     «— t temporary but likely to    continue.    Pay :

.]5—450—25/2—500.     Higher initial pay  to
and   experienced     candidates.   Age: Below
Muu^Je for   Government  servants   .   Qualifications:
il- (i\ At least second class Master's or equivalent Honours'
^   ™B mEoonomvca, Commetoe, Mathematics  or Statistics,    (h)
Sut 2 vaara' expeteince in. collection, compilaton and hiterpre-
taSao. of statistical data relating   to Trade, Commerce or Agncul-
«    OuaUficationS relaxable at OommiBaitm'a discretion m case
o^ndidates otherwise well-qualified.

.     .    „.,        «.-..-•......    ,«-.-.,„. _* r^t^rmation

PetU :

Qowrnment  servants.     Qualifications : Sssmtwl: (i)
,fthe Institute of Cost and Works Accountants, London
Institute of Cost and Works Accountants,   (w)
—ionce of Coat Accounting. Qualifications relaxa-
discretioninoase of candidates otherwise well

7    Doctor of Education, VMhya  Pradesh, Pwmo«en*.    P«sf :
50-1,400.   Higlier initial pay to specially qualified and
candidates.   %e -. Below 50   yeara     JHnfb    /or
tt.   QuaUficatww   :    Jtowntfol  s   W At   least
r equivalent Honoura   degree of recognised
7 yaafi' experience of   educational admi-
y.   Qualifications  relaxable    at
^^^^         well   qualmed.


One Aswtant Examiner of Patents in the office of the Cwtf-
»u«tf pJtoSi «rf BMiifW, Ministry of Commerce aruL ****»
Sv^nr.^rBT-v but likely to be made permanent. Pay : Rs. 200—
fn Jn?PK B -15-4SO-25/2-500. Higher initial pay to Bpe;


9    Tfwee  Jwn-ior  Field Officers (Tools), Development   Wing,

] 1. r>>?,< J ^,ii^tant Pj«7)TTs Ufjiwr. Mtm^trt- nf Fwl rind Agn-
cHtiute — TVt tompiirarv lint likoh to f-jnitnu'-1. Other things
being ••i|uril, prefi-rm e ifi\<-u i>". Srliptlulc Caitc-.,Tn]ies Candidates.
Pay • Rg. 2,jU — ],•> — 34ii— -in— 400 Hi^h»*i intiai jjay to N|jenallj-
qua'ifipdanijfsperoincedc.'andiate&. .-igr^ : ]3^txi-r>fnJ.j<infl 3.1 years,
RelfiynbJe for Goreriitiirnt ^en'nnftt. Qmilifittifwjw ; £*seniin? :
(«) Degree of recognised University pr-'forahlym Sritnce. |i?) Train-
ing and about S years' esperience in proce'-sjn;,' of foofcl uffs, parti-
rularly fruits and vegetable . Qualifications relaxable at Com-
mission's discretion in case of ffimlidntes otherwise \velj qualified

12.    One Lecturer in Mechanic    and  ^MafJieMntns, National D?-
ffnce Academy, Kharakrasla,   Miiiht*^    of   Defence. — Po^t tempo-
rary for 5 years at present, but likelv to beyonin permanpnt.       Paif -
Es. 400— 30— 700.      Higher initial pay to specially  qualified and ex-
pericnpfJiI candidates.    Age      Below   3.1*.  * Bel-txabl' fur Gov-
ernment servants.   Quahficntions : Essential : (i\ At least second class
Master's degree m Mathematics of recogni-prl ITn'rertirx-.   (it\ About
3 years' Pxperemce  in teaching  JfatehmatiDb aiid ilechaniesinrpeoy-
nised University/College.    Qualifications rclacable  at   C'ommis Dion's
discretion in caae of candidates otherwise well qualified.

13.    One Lecturer in Mechanics and   Phyiir*, yntinnnl Dffetnr
Academy, Khnrakraiila, Ministry of   Dijettce. — Post temporary   for
Syearsat present. but likely to beocme permanent.    Pay ;   -Rs.'-iOi) _
30—700.   Hihger initial   pay to specially qualified   nnd experienced
candidates.    Age . Below   35   years.    Selaarable for     Government
servants. Qualifications; Essential: (i) At leajbt second class blaster's
degree in. Physics of recognised TTniversity.      (ii) About 3 years'
experience in   teaching Physics nnd   Mechanics m recognised  TJaj-
verfliry/CoUege.    Qualifications relasablp at    Commissjon's discre-
tion in case of candidates   otherwise  -well qualified.

U. Two Assistant Engineers (Electrical}, Kutcl* Electricity
Department, Government of Kuteli. — Po&t tmeporary bat likelv to
be made permanent. Pay: Pis. 220 — 15 — 400 — EJS. — 20 — 50Q _
E.B. — 25 — 650. Higher intitial pay to specially qualified aurf ex-
perienced candidates. Age : Below 33 years, fielazable for Govern-
ment servants. Qualification-^ : Essential : (i) Degree in Electri-
cal or Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, (ii) About 3 years'
experience in uhe ereotion, operation and maintenance of Diesel
Engine Power Station, 33 and 11 K.Y. transmission lines and L V
distribution aytems. Qualifications realexable at Commissjon's
discretion m case of candidates otherwise well qualified.

15.    One Lady Medical Officer-in- Charge, Godfrey CUnic, Indian
Naval Dockyard, Bombay. — Termporary   but    hekly to lie
permanent eventually.   Appointment made for  three vears in first
inatance.   Pay -. Rg. 300—25—500—30—050.     Higher ' initial   pav
to specially qualified and experienced    candidate.      Age : Below
40   years.    BelasMble  for   Government    servants.    QuiiUficufions -
Essential •- (*') Medical qualification   included in one of sch^duless to
Indian Medical    Counefl Act, 1933-   (ti) Post-^aduate   Tfamiuc/
Diploma in Jlidwifery from   teaching   hospital or recognised insti-
tution.   (fit) About 5 years' professional espereinue.    Qualifications
relaxable at Commission's discretion in case of candidates  otherwise
well qualified.

16.    Editorjhe, Kamgar, Ministry   of Labour. — Post temporary
but likely to continue.   Beserved    for Scheduled CastesyScheUulef|
Tribes candidates if such   suitable candidates     available ; otherwise
to be treated as   unreserved.     Pay: Eg. 3oO — US — 500^—3o _ 620
Higer intitial pay to specially qualified and experwmced candidates!
Age : Below 35 years,    Kelasable   for Government seri'anis.    Quali-
fications : Essential : (t) Degree of recognised Umversry with   pro-
firiency in Hindi.    (M'J About 3 yenra' experit-ncc of editorial work
in newspaper or periodical office.    (Hi) Literary   ability m   Hindi
as evidenced by published   wirintgg.    Qualifications   nOaxflhle at
Commission 'b discretion incase of candidates otehrKrise well qualified.

o. 33

dStion in eue of ^an-didatae otherwise well qualified,

are invited for the tindertmentioned posts ftom
Indian citizens and pewons migrateA from Pakistan with the in-
tentionof permanently settling in India or subbjects of JSTnapl, ^ikk'ua.
aad Portuguese or Former French possessions in India. "Upper awe-
limit relaxable by five years for Scheduled Castes, Tribal and ab-
original communities. Except for Government servant, no relaxation.
for others save in exceptional cases and agw will in no ease? bo
relaxed beyond three years. Closing date for the raueipt of applies.
tioos 27th August, lf)^. Applictions may be submitted on plain
oatier with Treasury receipt or Crossed Indian Postal Order for
fis. 7-S (Be. 1-14 for Scheudled Castes and Tribes), payable to the
Secretary, Union Public IService Commission, New Delhi, Divin*
following particulars .- (1) Name. (3) Address. (3) Place and
date of birth. (4) Presnt position and salarj-. (3) Educational
flxiftlificationa (Matric upwards). (B) Expense. (7) Fu« details
rtnth dates and eatery drawn) of previous employment, if any. /gj
Miiurnum salary acceptable, (9) Names and addreawew of throe per
BOOB aa references ; they should be holders of responsible positions


One Mender   in Phj/tftaloffij, Ifrdiotl Volhge, JBfapal. —posfc
aieut.   Other things being euqal proferenre given to mf.™^,,,
of Softeduled Castes and Scheduled Ttibefe.     Pay j 3
900.   Private practice not allowed.   Higher initial pa